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Our Front Page News!

█►Where Did QuickSyn Go?
Our QuickSyn frequency synthesizers are now re-branded with the National Instruments brand. The same team designs, builds, sells, and supports this popular product. QuickSyn synthesizers just have a new logo and a new website
(ni-microwavecomponents.com). We still build them based on the same revolutionary phase-refining technology that enables blazing-fast switching speeds and very low noise and spurious performance in a compact package.

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█►End of Life Notice!
Phase Matrix will set their entire line of VXIbus instrument products to obsolete effective Sept. 30th, 2015. New orders for VXI products will not be accepted beyond 9-30-15. Models affected:

█►Looking for RF & Microwave Components?
We re-branded our component products! The same high-performance oscillator-based components are now National Instruments branded and are available at a new website
(ni-microwavecomponents.com). The same team designs, builds, sells, and supports these products. We just changed the logo and website.

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█►Praise for EIP Counters
After 25 years, EIP frequency counters still receive praise for their accuracy and reliability. Former EIP employees created Phase Matrix from EIP assets. We still support the well-installed base of EIP counters and sell brand new ones too!

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█►Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)
What happened to our custom IMA solutions? Go to the new
NI Microwave Components website to reach the same brilliant team of engineers who design highly complex and multi-function IMAs for your system design challenges.

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█►A New 26.5 GHz PXI VSA
Phase Matrix and National Instruments teamed together to create the new NI PXI-1470, a PXI-based 26.5 GHz vector signal analyzer that is fully compatible with LabVIEW software, making the NI PXI-1470 a very adaptable and multi-functioning virtual instrument for the T&M industry.

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Featured Product

Phase Matrix's 25B and 28B frequency counters are currently priced to stimulate the economy, making them the best deal in their class. These portable, rugged counters are ideal for communications applications. They precisely measure CW, FM, AM, and other complex modulated frequencies from 10 Hz to 20 GHz (25B Model) and up to 26.5 GHz (28B Model).

Furthermore, these frequency counters can simultaneously measure and display an individual input signal's frequency and power level in a multi-signal environment. EIP counters have been chosen by the DoD and other governmental agencies as well as defense contractors for over 30 years. EIP® instruments are the ones you can count on!

EIP® 28B Frequency Counter
Summary of the Best Deal Around:

►Broad coverage 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz

►High frequency resolution 1 Hz

►High power resolution 0.1 dB

►Small size half rack, 3U

►Low cost starting from $5995

Business Information

Phase Matrix is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Instruments Corporation.

Our Address:
4600 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara CA 95054


34257 (obsolete)

SIC No.:

334419, 334513, 334515, 334516


5955, 5995, 5998, 6635


(expires 6/30/2017)
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Phase Matrix complies with ISO 9001, CE, WEEE, and RoHS standards.

Our array of products includes EIP-brand frequency counters (benchtop, rack mount, VXI modular, pulsed) and VXI and PXI synthetic instruments (downconverters, upconverters/synthesizers, local oscillators).