1230A & 1231A

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Phase Matrix’s EIP-brand VXIbus 1230A and 1231A are the ultimate pulse and CW microwave frequency counters that feature a YIG-preselected microwave input, which provides unparalleled frequency selectivity, amplitude discrimination, and burnout protection. These counters also feature the ability to make frequency measurements at a specific point in time on the repetitive signals, simplifying frequency profiling of signals whose frequencies vary with time. The 1231A measures pulsed and CW frequencies up to 20 GHz, and the 1230A extends that range to 26.5 GHz. Options include high-stability time bases and millimeter-wave frequency coverage up to 170 GHz, which makes these counters ideal for applications requiring high performance such as pulse profiling, carrier frequency measurement, pulse parameter measurements, automatic VCO characterization, and frequency agile system analysis.

Band 0 (CW only) Band 1
● Range 100 Hz to 250 MHz ● Range 0.25 to 1 GHz
● Sensitivity -15 dBm ● Sensitivity -15 dBm
● Impedance 50 Ω nom. ● Impedance 50 Ω nom.
● Maximum Input +7 dBm ● Maximum Input +7 dBm
● Damage Level +20 dBm ● Damage Level +20 dBm

Band 2 Band 3 (option 002)
● Range 1231A: 0.95 to 26.5 GHz
1230A: 0.95 to 20 GHz
● Range 26.5 to 170 GHz
● Sensitivity 0.95 to 20 GHz: -20 dBm
20 to 26.5 GHz: -15 dBm
● Sensitivity 26.5 to 110 GHz: -20 dBm
110 to 170 GHz: -15 dBm
● Impedance 50 Ω nom. ● Impedance 50 Ω nom.
● Maximum Input +7 dBm ● Maximum Input +5 dBm
● Damage Level +45 dBm (CW)
+53 dBm peak (pulsed)
(≤ μs pulse, 0.1% duty cycle)
● Damage Level +10 dBm
Phase Matrix 1231A Frequency Counter
A Pulsed Signal


End of Life Notice:
This product is no longer orderable.

Part Number Description Documentation Image
Operation manual (hardcopy) None  1231A User's Manual
Service manual (hardcopy) None    1231A User's Manual
M1230A-ACC890 Freq. extension cable kit   None   Freq. Extension Kit
M1230A-ACC091 26.5 to 40 GHz remote sensor None
M1230A-ACC093 60 to 90 GHz remote sensor None  
M1230A-ACC094 90 to 110 GHz remote sensor None



End of Life Notice:
This product is no longer orderable.


Operation Manual

Application Note: Measuring Time-Varying Microwave SignalsQuickSyn Data Sheet

About Memory Clearing


Ordering Information

End of Life Notice:
This product is no longer orderable.

Models 1231A 20 GHz pulse/CW VXIbus frequency counter
  1230A 26.5 GHz pulse/CW VXIbus frequency counter
Options 002 Frequency extenstion to 170 GHz (1230A only)
  006 High-stability ovenized time base
  14 Two-year warranty extension (for total of three years)
  15 ANSI/NCSL Z540 Standard data & certificate
Accessories M1230A-ACC011
Manual, operation (extra hardcopy in addition to the one that ships with a new unit)
Manual, service (hardcopy)
  M1230A-ACC890 Kit, frequency-extenstion cable
  M1230A-ACC091 Remote sensor, 26.5 to 40 GHz
  M1230A-ACC093 Remote sensor, 50 to 90 GHz
  M1230A-ACC094 Remote sensor, 90 to 110 GHz


Servicing Information►

When requiring service for your PMI product through NI, please reference your serial number and the applicable module part number:

NI Module Part Number Description
134380A-01 MOD ASSY, PMI, VXI-1230A
134381A-01 MOD ASSY, PMI, VXI-1231A



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