The PXI-1410 Preselector Module is a PXI 3U, 3-slot module that provides the necessary input signal conditioning and routing to form a complete RF PXI downconverter. When integrated with complementary modules, it enables down conversion over the 100 kHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range. The PXI-1410 employs a 70 dB (10 dB/step) input step attenuator that enables a dynamic range of approximately +30 dBm to -160 dBm. The module uses broadband switches to distribute the incoming RF signal to other PXI modules for further processing with minimal signal degradation. In addition, the module contains an electronically tuneable, 4-stage, YIG-tuned filter (YTF) based RF-input pre-selector, allowing for greater than 80 dB input image rejection and greater than 40 MHz of instantaneous input bandwidth. These attributes provide enough performance to satisfy even the most demanding spectrum analysis applications. For additional bandwidth (up to 350 MHz), the PXI-1410 offers a bypass path that automatically routes signals around the band limited preselector.

The PXI-1410 Preselector Module is primarily intended to function as an analog front end in applications such as synthetic instrumentation, microwave receivers, signal intelligence, and anywhere a microwave signal needs to be down converted to a baseband frequency for data capture, analysis, and measurement. The PXI-1410 works in combination with Phase Matrix’s family of PXI downconverter modules. The PXI-1410 can also operate alone in PXI signal conditioning applications to implement RF microwave attenuation or band-pass filtering in support of applications other than frequency down conversion.

Description Specification
RF Input 100 kHz to 26.5 GHz (bypass mode)
2.70 to 26.5 GHz (preselected)
LO Input DC to 26.5 GHz
Tuning Speed < 5 ms @ 50 MHz step
Tuning Accuracy ± 35 MHz nom. (with corrections applied)




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Model PXI-1410 Preselector
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Accessories None
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